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lu 0-24
2010 | prototypes | commissioned by Hofmobiliendepot Vienna
exhibition viewview of the light clocks in the exhibition
two round clocksbig round light clock at 10 o'clock | small light clock at 8 o'clock
random clockrandom clock at 8 o'clock
detail of time switchesdetail of time switches
sketch and componentsfirst sketch and main components

LU 0-24 was initially designed for the 'Phänomen - Ikea' exhibition at the Imperial furniture collection museum in 2010. The commission was to make a lamp based on Ikea-elements for the exhibition.

Since Ikea stands for quantity. 12 similar bulb fittings, bulbs, timer switches and 7 multiple plugs were chosen to represent the big amount of Ikea products. All together these 43 products form
LU 0-24, a light installation and at the same time an hour-clock that shows roughly the hour of the day.

The light bulbs represent the hours of the day. Depending on the time, a light bulb is lighten up and indicates the past full hour. A clockwork with a hand for the seconds represent the continuous movement of the time.
Similar to a sundial one can not tell the exact time but like the sun moves within the day the time moves within the lamp installation and shows how time passes by.

This project will be continued with more accurate time switches.

material: various electronics (cables, plugs, switches...) and iron frame
dimension: variable