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one piece - one edition
2011 | unique pieces / limited edition
exhibition curated by Maria Cristina Didero
one piece - one edition made out of one old stading clockone piece - one edition made out of one old standing clock
five of the nine piecesfive of the nine pieces
sketch to define the clock partssketch to define the clock parts
dissasembled old standing clockdisassembled old standing clock
casing - before and aftercasing - before and after
little angled bookshelf and little tablelittle angled bookshelf and little table
the old clock in new casingthe old clock in new casing
two little doors became little tablestwo little doors became little tables
detail of the stamp that each piece gotdetail of the stamp that each piece got

For 'one piece, one edition - standing clock', the single parts of a pendulum clock became the key elements of new pieces of furniture and automatically formed a limited edition of unique objects.

A clock was carefully separated into its main components (casings, doors, legs …). Each of these parts formed the starting point for a new piece of furniture. Thus the newly created objects were partially predefined by the original piece.
This process of reutilization and transformation led to rather unconventional but somehow familiar objects.
Each 'original' piece was sanded and newly lacquered before new metal pieces or other elements changed and defined the new use of the object.

In total nine unique pieces were created out of one standing clock:
1 wall clock - made out of the old pendulum clock
1 standing mirror - made out of the glass-door
1 shelf - made out of the top casing
1 sideboard - made out of the cabinet carcass
2 small tables - each made out of one door
2 table-lamps - each made out of one leg
1 wall-shelf - made out of two legs

Using an old piece and transforming into something new is not just about reusing, but as well about learning from the old, building on something existing, developing it further and putting it into another context.

The project 'one piece - one edition' was developed on the occasion of a solo exhibition at in Turin. The show entitled '(mis)using what is there' was curated by Maria Cristina Didero.

material: newly lacquered original standing clock parts, lacquered metal structures
dimensions: various
production: limited edition of 9 unique pieces