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reversed volumes
2013 | serial product | for PCM
reversed volumes - all bowlsall ten bowls
10 bowlsall ten bowls
detail cauliflowercauliflower
set of bowls
set of bowls
set of bowls - green colour range
cauliflower | lemon
yellow pepper | sugar melon
orange | aubergine
cherimoya | napa cabbage
cabbage | green apple
detail of cauliflower
colour testcolour tests for reversed volumes

Reversed Volumes is a collection of bowls that are shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable.

The space between a bowl and a fruit/vegetable is filled with casting material. Once dried, the filling material has adapted to the imprint of the container and represents the imprint of the different fruits/vegetables in a very detailed way. These imprints are replicated as food-safe and water proof resin objects. The bowls are hand-crafted in a semi industrial process and this method allows slight variations in colour in order to achieve some variation within the series.

The 'reversed volumes' series include at the moment ten different bowls with the imprint of: apple, lemon, orange, cherimoya, pepper, aubergine, napa cabbage, sugar melon, cauliflower and cabbage.

'reversed volumes' was initially designed for FoodMarketo in 2010. Being developed further for serial production, it is now edited by PCM.

material: food-safe resin,
food proof, dishwasher safe, NOT microwave- nor oven-proof
dimension: from Ø10 -
Ø22 cm

production: serial manufacturing, made in Spain

- Dwell modern world award 2011 (nomination), US, 2011

PCM design