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till you stop - cake decoration
2010 | process | commissioned by MAK Vienna
cake decorating machinecake decoration machine
cake decorating machine detailcake decoration machine - detail
maria p and her cakeMaria P and her cake
family and cakefamily M and their cake
natascha and cakeNatascha N and her cake
three differently decorated cakesthree differently decorated cakes
detail of sugar glazingdetail of sugar glazing
visitor decorating her cake during MAK design nitevisitor decorating her cake during MAK design nite
visitor decorating her cake during MAK design nitevisitor decorating her cake during MAK design nite

how much is too much?

'Till you stop' - cake decoration deals with a cake decoration method that allows the costumer/visitor to decide how much decoration is applied onto their cake. A simple machine decorates the cake with lines (similar to Spirograph circles) and continuously decorates until the costumer/visitor decides to stop the decoration process. In a second process sugar pearls are dropped onto the glazing. The decor is continuously changing and the costumer/visitor decides whether he prefers a simple ornament or a more complex one. When is the right time to stop?
- Once the decoration machine is stopped it can not be started again.

The project reflects, on the one hand, the industry behind decoration (industrialized image vs. the romantic imagination) and on the other hand it should trigger people to think about the amount of decoration they actually like.

'Till you stop' - cake decoration was designed for the exhibition 'Design Criminals or A new joy into the world' - a cooperation of MAK and departure, curated by Sam Jacob. Various designers and architects were invited to continue the Viennese tradition of discourse on ‘Ornament and Crime’ and were asked to react to Design activities such as tattooing, hair dressing, or arranging flower, which usually happen outside design discourses.

On Tuesday the 5th of October 2010, 15 visitors at the 'MAK Design NITE - eyes wide shut' had the possibility to decorate a cake with the decoration machine.

aluminium, various motors, spinning platform ...
dimension: 40,5cm x 65cm x 76cm

material: cake, sugar fondant, sugar glazing
dimension: Ø16 cm

part of the permanent collection of the MAK Vienna


mak - museum of applied arts / Vienna
sam jacob